1 Kennel

Offering Respite

1 Kennel at a Time was co-founded by Corrine Wilson and Ingrid de Storie in December 2015. It has subsequently  grown into a vibrant organization with many active volunteers. Our objective is to offer respite to animals living in impoverished communities, primarily in Ocean View and Redhill Informal Settlement, located in Cape Town, South Africa. Through education, facilitating access to medical, food and shelter, and by building relationships with pet owners, we endeavour to assist those who are most vulnerable. Our theory is: ‘It is often the animals one does not see from the road who needs the most help,’ which is why sustainable, long term community involvement regarding animal welfare is our priority.

Meet the team

Ingrid de Storie

Corrine Wilson

Trijntje de Jonge

Linda Faultey

Jeni Fleming

Tracy Stallard